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Friday, 01 August 2008 00:00

North Wales Welsh Conservative AM and Shadow Minister for Social Justice and Housing, Mark Isherwood has expressed his concerns that the increase in energy prices will mean more households will be living in fuel poverty this winter in North Wales.

Mark said: "Soaring energy bills are the last thing people need at a time when many ordinary families are suffering from the effects of the credit crunch.

"This will mean more people will be suffering from fuel poverty this winter.

"The number of households in fuel poverty in Wales has doubled to over 240,000, of which 219,000 are classed as being vulnerable.

"At this rate the promises to eradicate fuel poverty for the vulnerable by 2010 will not be achievable if energy prices keep soaring.

"Earlier this year I attended a meeting with National Energy Action in the Assembly. Concern was expressed about the Home Energy Efficiency Scheme budget in Wales, due to Government financial pressures and cuts.

"The scheme is already massively oversubscribed: every applicant since the end of last summer has been put on a waiting list, and it is not functioning well for the fuel poor.

"Home Energy Efficiency Schemes alone is not the answer to fuel poverty; we need to link up and tackle the underlying contributory factors to it."

Mark added: "The Labour Government has not done enough to improve energy efficiency in the home; it has not built sufficient gas storage; and it has not succeeded in negotiating an open market across the European energy sector."


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