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NORTH Wales Assembly Member, Mark Isherwood, joined Wrexham youngsters this week when they came out in force to celebrate National Playday.


A large scale, free play event in the centre of town hosted by Wrexham County Borough Council took place on Wednesday August 1st.


The event was spread across Queen’s Square and the Guildhall Field and incorporated a 16 tonne sand pit, a cardboard maze, junk play, a rope course and swings, bouncy castle, bushcraft, a water slide, big bubbles, volley ball, big painting, arts and crafts, face painting, a story tent, fires, an early years area, water fights, mud, gloop and even more.



“The Playday campaign aims to highlight unprecedented restrictions on children’s opportunities for play and encourages people to take action so that children can play out more,” said Mr Isherwood.


“As I recently stated in the Senedd, “Play Wales have stated that ‘Children and young people do not ask for more recreational activities, in fact they often tell us that there are too many and that they would prefer to be playing’. The Children‘s Commissioner has advised that is his experience also, that what children are asking for is not more opportunities for structured recreation but a greater freedom for free play”.


This year’s Wrexham event was attended by in excess of 2500 children and their families.


The success of the event relies heavily on the support of a wide range of organisations including Gwenfro Valley Adventure Playground, AVOW, The Venture, Oriel Learning, Clybiau Plant Cymru, Wrexham Family Information Service, NEW Play, North East Wales Community Play Project, the Early Year’s Librarians, Caia Park Early Years Forum and Flying Start settings, Homestart, Family Friends, Europe Direct, Groundwork, Nantyr, Llay Youth Service, Mentor Iaith Maelor and the Local Authority’s own playworkers.


Mike Barclay, WCBC Play Development Coordinator, said: “What this event demonstrates is that when given sufficient free time and space children are more than capable of getting on with the important business of playing for themselves. We aim to provide as many inspiring opportunities for play as possible, but we try to avoid telling children what to do and how to do it. The result is a huge number of different aged people from a broad variety of backgrounds all playing together in public space and loving it. We hope this event goes some way to improving the tolerance adults have for children’s playful behaviour and helps to increase the permission children are granted for playing out in their own local communities”.


Promoted by Mark Isherwood AM at National Assembly for Wales, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff, CF99 1NA

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