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Assembly Member Mark Isherwood, is highlighting in North Wales a new campaign launched by Wales-based human rights organisation, FreshTies,  to support families complaining about standards of care provided to care home residents.


The Campaign has been launched to support families faced with bans for complaining. Family members can log their concerns online, building up a UK google map of the number and type of concerns regarding care for older people.


The campaign is a response to ever increasing numbers of calls from distressed families who feel helpless against care homes and local authorities.



FreshTies are also calling for Independent Volunteer Care Home Visitors for residents, family members- and care home staff. The Volunteer reports would provide a publicly accessible central log of concerns (as well as good practice).


Mr Isherwood said: “We are all growing older and older people deserve dignity and respect. Nobody should have low expectations of their care and, as I stated in the Assembly after sponsoring and Chairing the Assembly launch of Age Cymru’s ‘Advocacy Counts 3’ report, all older people in vulnerable situations must have the right to access independent advocates. We must also work with organisations like Care Forum Wales, which  represents over 500 care homes and independent care sector organisations across Wales and works to help members provide high-quality services and dignity in care for the elderly and others in need of social care.”


Human rights lawyer, and FreshTies founder, Ashish Poddar, said: “You don’t become hardened to what is happening. With every case I hear, I still quiver, and wonder what is it that makes someone treat another human being like that.


“We have made the google map live on our FreshTies to start mapping out complaints, which will build up a picture of the scale of the problem, as there are no official statistics. The data we can build up would help connect families who are otherwise helpless, and provide organisations like FreshTies the evidence to challenge bad practice. Local authorities and inspection bodies would have no excuses.


“Equally, families thinking they may be on their own, can contact FreshTies, and have someone human to share their experience. Just being heard provides some relief.”


To find out more about the campaign, and get involved, visit, call 02921 158 474 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Promoted by Mark Isherwood AM at National Assembly for Wales, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff, CF99 1NA

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