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NORTH Wales Assembly Member, Mark Isherwood, has applauded the Clwyd Voluntary Initiative Community Chest which helps local charities with funding.


Mr Isherwood praised Clwyd Community Chest during a speech at its AGM in Wrexham today, in which he emphasised the important role charities have to play in addressing many of the problems in society today.


He said: “I applaud the Clwyd Voluntary Initiative Community Chests’ primary objective, which is to promote any charitable purpose for the benefit of the community in the former county of Clwyd, obtaining and dispersing funds to charitable organisations and groups that enhance the quality of life of local inhabitants, and particularly those with a disadvantage.



“It is precisely this form of initiative which delivers the solutions we need to many of the problems in our society today.”


He added: “Denbighshire Voluntary Services Council must be commended for administering the Clwyd Community Chest scheme.”


Emphasising the vital role the Third Sector has to play in society, Mr Isherwood stressed that “taking power out of the hands of Government and giving it to the people working on the front line, can help us provide better services more efficiently - benefitting the most vulnerable and providing good value to the taxpayer.”


He said: “Effective Governments are not there to deliver every service, they are there to ensure that services are delivered.

“At its simplest level the Big Society is a frank acceptance that micromanagement from the centre of Government as a way of improving society is not working.

“As social problems become more complex, this approach has been found wanting.”


Mr Isherwood added: “Throughout Wales, the independent sector - including voluntary and charitable organisations - provides the great majority of care, through independent hospitals, care homes, nursing care homes and supported living. To alienate this resource, with all that it can and should contribute towards innovation, would be a waste of an opportunity that would not cost the taxpayer a penny.”


Mr Isherwood added that it is voluntary sector organisations that have pushed the care and community regeneration agendas and driven change in Wales, but stressed “there is still much left to do.”


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