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CONCERNS that adults in Wales are being “left out” of the Welsh Government’s Autism Action Plan have been raised with the First Minister.


North Wales Assembly Member, Mark Isherwood, who is Chair of the Cross Party Autism Group and three weeks ago expressed concern at report findings highlighting the difficulties  people with autism in Wales face in getting a proper diagnosis, has this week spoken of concerns raised with him that the Autism Action Plan excludes adults particularly in relation to diagnostic services identifying adults.



Speaking in the Chamber, Mr Isherwood said: “In the real world, early intervention depends on statementing, and statementing depends on diagnosis. We know from a December 2010 report that was recently leaked, which had been with the Welsh Government for 16 months prior to that, that concerns had been raised about the diagnosis of children. How do you, therefore, respond to concerns raised at a recent meeting of the Cross-Party Autism Group by an Asperger’s syndrome pioneer, who said that adults in Wales are worried about how the autism action plan is leaving them out, especially with regard to diagnostic services identifying adults on the spectrum?”


The First Minister replied: “The money to which I referred earlier is designed to develop diagnostic services and to support projects for people with Asperger’s, so we would expect the action plan, together with the money that has been made available, to ensure that people get the diagnosis that they need as quickly as possible and, thereafter, the support that they need.”


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