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A NORTH Wales politician has emphasised the need for horse riding and carriage driving to be considered within the consultation for new legislation to encourage active travel.


Mark Isherwood AM recently met with the North East Wales Bridleways Association, who told him that they are  trying to increase access for horse use  and that by opening up bridleways, cyclists and walkers would also benefit.



He also recently met with British Driving Society North East Wales who are also keen to engage in the consultation to ensure that their historic access to some of these routes and the potential for their access to be included are now addressed.  


Mr Isherwood is therefore concerned that the White Paper is more focused on walking and cycling and in yesterday’s debate on the Welsh Government’s Active Travel Policy called for horse riding and carriage driving to  be considered.


He said:  “You state in your White Paper that the purpose of the consultation on 'Active Travel' is to identify and map a network of routes that are safe and appropriate for walking and cycling. Further on, you state that the maps will be advisory rather than definitive. As a number of previous speakers have said, there is a need for equality of access and walkers and cyclists are not the only groups that might be seeking access to such routes. How, therefore, will you engage with other groups, such as horse riders, bridleway associations and the British Driving Society, which represents carriage drivers, who argue that they also represent activities that are good for health and wellbeing and which engage people from all backgrounds, stimulate local economies and support local business, who also want to engage in this discussion to ensure that their historic access to some of these routes and the potential for their access to be included now are addressed?”


Mr Isherwood was encouraged to hear from the Minister for Local Government and Communities, Carl Sargeant, that he met parties with an interest in horse riding last week.

The Minister added:  “They all have an interest and have something to add to the consultation process, which we should duly note. This must also be about respect and the way in which we use these shared spaces. We have around 20,000 miles of public rights of way in Wales, 79% of which are already footpaths. It is about how we can use them.”




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