Thursday, 29 March 2012 13:44


NORTH Wales Assembly Member, Mark Isherwood, is concerned by latest figures which show that only 7% of adults with autism are in full-time, paid employment in Wales.


?Following the issuing of a guide by the National Autistic Society Cymru to Local Authority?Directors of?Adult?Social?Services in Wales last week, ?Mr Isherwood called for a Welsh Government Statement on employment for adults with autism and the role that the Welsh Government can play across Wales -?and?individual?Assembly Members?can play?in their local and regional constituencies - in promoting autism?employment.



Speaking in this week’s Business Statement, Mr Isherwood, said: "The guide revealed research that indicates that only 7% of adults with autism are in full?-time paid employment and only 6% are in part-time employment, although 79% of people with autism who receive out-of-work benefits want to work.


"Because autism affects communication skills, people may struggle during job interviews and find it difficult to understand the unwritten rules of the workplace. This can make relationships with colleagues or clients more difficult and a literal interpretation of instructions may mean that tasks are not completed as expected.


"The guide suggested a number of ways in which local authorities and others could work towards improving employment rates among people on the autistic spectrum."


The Minister for Finance and Leader of the House, Jane Hutt, replied: "Of course, we welcome the guidance produced by the National Autistic Society Cymru on access to opportunities for employment for people with autism. That is where we would seek to remove barriers and drive up access. We have been at the forefront of taking action on enabling employers to recognise supported employment and we will be working through the strategic equality plan to deliver those objectives."




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