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NORTH Wales Assembly Member, Mark Isherwood, raised a number of concerns with Local Government Minister, Carl Sargeant, following his Statement this week updating members on Anglesey County Council. 

Mr Isherwood, who last month blasted the Minister’s decision to postpone the elections on Anglesey by a year, was particularly keen to know whether the Minister advised the Boundary Commission in advance that he wished there to be multi-member wards on Anglesey. Speaking in the Chamber, Mr Isherwood, said: “Given that the Auditor General recommended a review of the proposals with regard to the number of councillors and the introduction of multi-member wards, why is the recommendation for only multi-member boards, which I believe would be the only council in Wales introducing that to this extent? Was that a recommendation that you made to the Boundary Commission before it made its recommendations, or did the commission generate it entirely by itself?


“Secondly, you have referred to the corporate and senior management need for radical reform, after focusing on member issues as your priority. How do you, therefore, respond to the widespread concerns, highlighted by politicians and the media over many years, about corporate governance being the core of the problem?

“Finally, you state that the council will not make a sustainable recovery until it has a refreshed membership. That might have been the case historically, but how do you respond to the fact that almost half—17 of the 40 current councillors—are new and were elected at or since the last election? They are, therefore, already effectively refreshed.”

Mr Isherwood added: “The Minister stated that the Council need to agree a budget and council tax rate for the coming financial year, but it is precisely because of this, because of decisions needed on the cuts facing the council and because of expected inward migration and investment over the next few years that Anglesey needs a four year council with an electoral mandate in place.”

The Minister told Mr Isherwood that he issued directions to the Boundary Commission with regard to conducting the review.

He said: “You may wish to pose some of your questions directly to the Boundary Commission on the processes that it undertook to establish a draft report.”  

Mr Isherwood will now do this. 







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